is a directory of the natural and organic farms in Quebec. Through this portal, you will find a list of farms that adhere as closely as possible to traditional techniques.

By browsing the portal, you can easily find, within any chosen region, a farm that uses no – or very few – chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, and GMOs.

In addition, the farms listed on this site give no vaccines and antibiotics to fatten their animals or speed up their rate of production.

Why This Site

The portal was created by Stylla-Web, because the company and its leadership favour natural agriculture in Quebec and throughout the world. In the context of globalization and the pursuit of profits, industrial agriculture has relegated natural farming to the sidelines.

However, agribusiness promotes the use of GMOs and chemicals whose health risks over the long term are not understood well enough to allow us to use them with confidence.

Support the Local Economy

The portal has been launched to encourage the purchase of meat and fruit and vegetables from natural farms as well as to stimulate the local economy. By buying locally from a natural farm, you not only encourage our local producers, but you also minimize risks to your health while helping to reduce the environmental footprint that results from the long-distance transport of goods.

Facilitate Access to Natural Farms

The portal was also launched to facilitate access to natural farms, since, nowadays, in a context of unfettered capitalism in which only large corporations seem to find a place in the sun, natural farms are unfortunately very difficult to locate.

Indeed, there is no place where one can go for a list of all the natural farms in Quebec. Thanks to, it is now possible to find, in just a few keystrokes, a natural farm and to easily get information on its agricultural methods and products.

This site is free for both its members and consumers, and will always remain free.

Do you find it reasonable that we eat tomatoes imported from the United States in summer, while our Quebec farms are perfectly capable of producing tons? If not, this portal is for you. Enjoy your research and bon appétit!

If you are the owner of a natural farm in Quebec and you would like to be listed on this website in order to promote your products for sale to the public, do not hesitate to contact us; our services are free.